The Centre de Createur de Mode au Cameroun, short CCMC, organizes each year an intense 4 month full time fashion design training for a selected group of candidates. At the end of the training the candidates will present their collections and a Jury will award one winner for the best collection and best overall development. The training is led by several exports, the first module by fashion designer Isoris Sanchez. 

The training started mid January. The candidates were chosen by a jury according to their specific, unique style, the finishing of their sample piece and overall creativity and potential. 



The first step was a discussion of defining the overall theme for this year's collections: Afric Glamour. Followed by creating mood boards to further visualize each ones inspirations and visions.

Next was portfolio creation... it's unique and individual as the fashion designer himself- it displays and presents his collection, going into as much detail as possible, as far as the choice of fabric and color is concerned. 

The participants learned about the many little details and tricks required to create a prototype and choosing carefully specific fabrics for it. The creation of a "patron de base" - a basic pattern made out of paper- followed. This is an important step as it will help the designer to duplicate easily his work. 

A model was coming into the center so the students could take proper measurements and test if their basic pattern would fit. 

I'll be posting about the fashion training once a month. However I'm also posting twice a week in french on the CCMC blog!! Check it out HERE