It is all about the perspective.

Early December it was the annual Mr. Cameroon election night. Fourteen young, handsome guys were competing for the precious title. Showing their sixpacks in bathing attire, traditional cloths and other outfits. The atmosphere was hot in one of Yaounde's favorite nightclubs, Yao'Ba. 

But something else amazing happened during the week before the election: all the Mr. Cameroon candidates spend a day at a local orphanage. Walking through the gates of the orphanage and seeing all around handsome young men cuddling, playing and carrying babies and handicapped, abandoned children with such compassion was incredibly touching, as it revealed the vulnerability in the usually so tuff looking male models. 


The Mr. Cameroon candidates rehearsed with some of the older kids, showing them the moves and turns of professional modeling. The children were so enthusiastic and put everything into it! 

A small cat walk followed and the children modeled with such big smiles and pride on their faces looking up to their mister-mentors.