Larissa is sixteen years old and the only girl who has been selected as part of the team of students who will be representing their country, Cameroon, in a robotics competition held in July in Washington DC organized by FIRST GLOBAL.

She resides with her mother, two sisters, three brothers and two nephews in her uncle's house in the suburbs of Cameroon's capital, Yaounde. 

Larissa gets up every night at 3am to revise for school till 5am. She has been the best student in her grade for years. 

Before heading off to school she helps her mom prepare breakfast and mop the floors, taking care of the chicken which her mother smokes and sells at the local market in order to provide for the family and afford school tuition. 

Larissa dreams of a career in electrical engineering where she can use her knowledge and passion for innovation to help advance her country. Thanks to FIRST GLOBAL who invited her to compete at the competition she is a tiny step closer to this dream as she will be exposed to so much new things.

Larissa walks about 5 km each and every morning to get to school, which is at times difficult during the rainy season. Occasionally when the family can afford it, she takes a cab ride.