When I first heard Black Violin's music it was as if something was falling into place, as if something suddenly clicked. Everything just resonated with me. I call it the “Black Violin Effect”. It always comes over me when I listen to their music, and when I met them a few days ago in Paris, I was just blown away. Not only was I tremendously lucky to experience them live during their concert and talk and laugh with them backstage, but I was also honored to capture the magic of their music and presence in images. (see all images HERE

Now, do you guys want to know what the magic of their music and presence means to me?

Imagine you’re in a public parking lot. Or an elevator. Or at a highway gas station. And now imagine next to you is a 6 ft 2, 260-pound black guy with a tattoo on his arm, gold chain around his neck and a baseball cap on his head. 

Now, what are you thinking?

Probably something like: “Oh, that might be a very talented, classical violinist, who, when he was still in diapers was more focused on practicing his violin than on playing basketball with his friends”.

So? Am I right? Or were you guys thinking something else?

Well. There it is: the “Black Violin Effect”  ;-)

It shatters all stereotypes, contradicts all expectations, breaks with all clichés. Because: The duo that is Black Violin, Kev and Wil, brings together hip hop and classical music, concepts that our society does not naturally associate together, and creates something incredibly authentic, extremely harmonic and completely NEW. 

And that’s exactly what resonates so deeply within me. 

The message which I receive through their music is the same message I’m spreading. Whether I’m doing so as a photographer, a visual storyteller, a mom of my girls or as a social entrepreneur, the message is this: think outside the box and be your unique self.

Because what happens then is not only wonderful, but also empowering. Not only for yourself but also for the world. 

You don’t believe me? Then have a look at the guys from Black Violin, Kev and Wil. They are proof. And the fact that they love my t-shirts is blowing me away as much as the “Black Violin Effect”.

Check out Black Violin's STEREOTYPE video HERE.