visual storytelling 

I believe positive, compelling, and engaging visuals accompanied by concise commentaries are a powerful tool in attracting donors, convincing policymakers, and catalyzing fundraising efforts so much better than words alone. 

I create authentic narratives that tell your story with impact and emotion. The aim is to evoke empathy and connect your audience to your cause/project/brand. A personal story creates a strong connection, a deep emotion, and an engaged public.

We base our decisions on emotions. The power of visual storytelling can change behavior and points of view.

I approach individuals with empathy and dignity. I am fluent in English, French, German, and Italian. I have lived in the United States, Europe and Africa and am currently based in Cameroon/Central Africa.

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I have a consultancy with the United Nations World Food Programme in Cameroon to produce 26 video-stories to enhance WFP's amazing work on the field. It's about telling individual stories of the beneficiaries and looking at WFPs programs through their eyes. The video-stories are published bi-monthly for a year. 

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The mamas of zanzibar

Meet the Mamas of Zanzibar HERE!

fashion week cameroon 2017

please check out the blog HERE about the intriguing fashion week in Yaounde/Cameroon



A maternity ward in a district hospital in Yaounde/Cameroon was given a donation of very needed items. The funds for the items were raised by iDance, an initiative who's aim is to raise funds through a annual fitness fundraiser event. This visual storytelling project was to provide iDance with powerful imagery to show the donated items in use and thus empower its mission to raise even more funds at the next event.

Orphanage st.Therese

This orphanage is run by one nun and is the home of currently 33 children. The conditions the children are living in are extreme, there is no toilet and the children share very old mattresses in 3-4 on one. 

Rather than drawing attention to their plight by depicting their miserable living conditions, I started creating portraits of the children, showing their beauty - the next step will be collecting their stories, dreams and wishes. 

This project is currently in progress.

For Dr. Apple, a DC based company who's aim is to cater nutritious and healthy food to children in DC Public Charter Schools, changing food habits one child at the time, I've created a website, brochures, marketing material as well as a book. The story I was telling thru the visuals was the story of how the meals who ended up on the trays of these children actually came about. The process of carefully selecting the food from local farmers, to the kitchen with different stations, to the labeling of different health related meals, to the timely delivery to each school's fridge to finally the distribution to the children, who often do not see another meal on that same day.