The best camera? It’s the camera you always have on you: your very own smartphone!!

Around a third of mobile phone users, 250 million people, have a smartphone in Africa. It is the one tool we all carries around with us all the time. With the technology getting better and better every day, the cameras in even simple smartphones are becoming very powerful tools. There is nothing more straight forward than a picture to capture of what we want to memorize.

I often find however that the quality of photos people take, have room for improvement. For me it’s all based on 2 main factors:

  • the use of natural light

  • the framing of the picture

I offer non-technology based mobile-phone photography workshops to tackle those very two factors. We go over some general principles in the workshop and mostly do hands on, experimenting with lights and framing the picture, thus training the eye.

I’ve facilitated mobile-phone workshops in English and French within the fashion design industry in Cameroon (CCMC) as well as with entrepreneurs and international organizations. Specifically for humanitarian organizations where staff in the field can capture great moments at no additional cost to the organization, this is an excellent investment.

If interested in such workshop, please do not hesitate to send me an email HERE.