We drove this young family of 8 Syrians in our tiny rental car to the port in Mitilini. From there, once registered with the greek port police, they will get on the ferry to Athens. They told us their goal was to reach Koblenz in Germany eventually. The refugees we spoke to, thought their ordeal was over. They have no idea the rest of the journey is very arduous though probably not as perilous.

Thousands and thousands of people are staying in endless lines in order to be registered, here at Moria camp. Registration is necessary to be allowed on the ferry to Athens. The registration takes time, and often the refugees spend some days at Moria camp, where food is scarce and the hygienic situation disastrous. We dropped off a very handsome Afghan family here which we had rescued off the boat a few hours earlier. When we drove away we were overwhelmed with a very uncomfortable feeling of helplessness. What could we do for this family on a personal level? 

OXY is the transition camp, run entirely by volunteers. It's a pit stop on the way to Mitilini, the capital of the island. UNHCR has provided a tent. It is useful but much more would be needed.